Corruption is the least of our worries

15 years, €300 million and all we got was a statement of the obvious.

Bertie Ahern is not to be believed.

Padraig Flynn and a bunch of other politicians have accepted crooked payments.

Corruption is endemic in Irish politics.

None of the above is news.

What is both upsetting is that, with the exception of the deceased Liam Lawlor, all of those criticised in the Mahon report will sleep in their own beds tonight as free men and women.

Our legal and policing systems do not work – if they did, this kind of corruption would either not be possible, or severely punishable. It is neither.

What was necessary was not a tribunal – a call to the police should do.

In the case of Bertie Ahern, a simple criminal investigation for suspected tax fraud would have been enough. This never happened. We won’t be told why.

Same goes for Flynn. Call me old-fashioned, but when fifty grand meant for a political party goes missing, that’s theft. Doing political favours to get the fifty k is also not allowed. Theft is not a matter for tribunals – it’s a matter for the Gardaí.

I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that none those named will wind up behind bars.

Why? Becasue they never do. Not the bankers, not Denis O’Brien or anyone else criticised by Moriarty.

This is Ireland, and we do not do accountability.

If we did, there’d be flashing blue lights in Drumcondra, Mayo and a number of other locations tonight.

Don’t hold your breath.

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