The best part of this campaign? The end of the Tea Party

Long night ahead…possibly a longer four years.

They’re voting, and counting, ans exit-polling. On both sides of the Atlantic, the pundits and anchors are warming up for the long night ahead.

Already there has been one winner, and that is American politics – despite its Taliban-like Christian tendencies, the end of the Tea Party means there is hope for the greatest country in the free world.

In the end Romney – despicable though he is – has done his nation a great service, perhaps two. He moved Republicanism back towards a mellower middle ground, after its long and dangerous flirtation with the far-right ideology of the Tea Party.

He also revealed that the central tenet of Republicanism remains unchanged – it doesn’t care about the poor. They talk about freedom and equality of opportunity for all, but in power they are rabidly protectionist of their own interests.

This ultimately will be what loses Romney the race. The American people have had it too tough for too long to swallow his schtick, and they’re ready to dig in together for a better future.

But if expectations on Obama were high before, they should be higher now.

Just as W used his second term to ride roughshod over common sense, Obama must now sail closer to the wind and insist on delivering the change people voted for four years ago – never mind now.

Lastly, the people of Syria will be watching tonight and wondering why Obama won’t grant them the same freedom and security – the peace, liberty and justice for all so cherished by Americans.

An Obama victory is but a temporary relief, and a welcome end to the Tea Party. But if he fails to deliver the change he promised – as he has in his first term – many voters will feel short-changed.

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