Putting your money where your mouth is

The worst thing I did in this World Cup was take your advice. Thanks for nothing. #bellend

Looks like Michael Bradley wasn’t the only one disappointed by his fatigued efforts to shield the ball that led to Portugal’s last-gasp equaliser on Sunday.

A day earlier I’d spoken to Dave O’Grady, an up-and-coming Irish sports journalist and excellent podcaster, to give him my tips for Sunday’s games. I boldly predicted that the USA would take Portugal and I was right.


But nearly doesn’t cut it in gambling. Bookies don’t pay out on “nearly”.

That’s why we know that predicting sports results is a mug’s game and best left to those with big brains and deep pockets.

But just as the second screen has become ubiquitous, so too has a punt on the result, and the World Cup brings daily doses of gambling flutters to us all.

I hardly ever make a bet, but when I do I consult with my brother, who is one of those mathematical geniuses that are both intriguing and scary.

So rather than risk the ire of gamblers on social media in the knockout stages, I’m going to turn the floor over to him to explain the science behind the penalty shootout.

It may not beĀ jogo bonito but it’s probably more profitabel than listening to me.

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